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Infant Program

6 weeks- 18 months


Our infant program incorporates the Montessori philosophy and the RIE philosophy. We have two infant rooms with 8 infants each, ages 6 weeks to 18 months. We have two teachers in each of our classrooms including one that is Montessori trained for children 0-3 years old.

The Montessori infant room fosters growth and independence by:

  • Providing children with an environment that is safe and developmentally appropriate. In a Montessori program you will not find high chairs, cribs or pack n plays.

  • The children nap in bed boxes and sit in appropriate chairs for meals.

  • We provide and environment that is open with everything at the child’s level. Nothing in our infant room is over 18 inches and all shelves have ledges to make it easier for the children to hold on to, scoot and cruise around the classroom independently.

  • The infants in our classrooms are not put on a schedule. We feel that it is important at this age that we allow them to set their own internal schedule.

In our infant program we have primary care groups in which one teacher is responsible for the same 4 children each day, making sure that all of their daily needs are met. Teachers prepare the classroom according to the developmental needs of the children changing materials on the shelves monthly. We provide all diapers and wipes. We also have a cook who prepares all of the meals and snacks for the children. We make our own baby food from the freshest ingredients possible by pureeing them and freezing them to keep them fresh. Parents are only required to provide either breast milk or formula.

Infant Registration

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Infant Enrollment Packet

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Infant Tuition Rates

Monthly Tuition Rates

CalPers Employees
(5% Discount)

Programs            Tuition Rates


Infant 5 Day:        $ 1647.00
Infant 3 Day:        $ 1254.00
Infant 2 Day:        $ 950.00

General Public Rates

Programs       Tuition Rates


Infant 5 Day:          $ 1734.00
Infant 3 Day:          $ 1320.00
Infant 2 Day:          $ 1001.00


3 day program is a set schedule of Mon/Wed/Fri.
2 day day program is a set schedule of Tue/Thurs.


There is a one time
​registration fee of $75.00

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