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Toddler Program

18 months- 2½ years


In our toddler program we begin to work with the children on the fundamentals of the Montessori philosophy. We have two toddler rooms serving a total of 17 toddlers ages 18 months to 2 ½ year old. We have two teachers in each classroom including one that is Montessori trained for children 0-3 years old.

Our toddler program creates a Montessori foundation for the children.

  • The teachers demonstrate Montessori materials to the children, moving in a specific order where each material builds upon the other in the learning process.

  • Our toddler classrooms contain four defined areas including practical life, sensorial, language and math.
    In our toddler program, children experience and grow in their independence.

  • They learn the routines of the classroom and have responsibilities including cleaning up after themselves after meals and snacks, picking up their jobs and caring for the classroom animals and each other.

  • The toddlers learn grace and courtesy which is a fundamental part of the Montessori philosophy.

  • Social skills are developed and refined in our toddler program.

  • The children learn how to work with others, respect their friend’s words, and respectfully communicate their needs with each other.

The toddler teachers change the materials on the shelves and their lessons each month to reflect their thematic unit. In the Montessori philosophy, toddlers learn how to be in their environment and work independently including sitting at circle. Our toddler program is a preparatory program for preschool in which children work on fine motor skills for pre-writing and pre-reading, along with number recognition and letter sounds and recognition.

Toddler Registration

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Toddler Tuition Rates

CalPers Employees
(5% Discount)

Programs            Tuition Rates

Toddler 5 Day:      $ 1446.00

Toddler 3 Day:      $ 1157.00

Toddler 2 Day:      $ 915.00

General Public Rates

Programs       Tuition Rates

Toddler 5 Day:        $ 1523.00
Toddler 3 Day:        $ 1218.00
Toddler 2 Day:        $ 964.00


3 day program is a set schedule of Mon/Wed/Fri.
2 day day program is a set schedule of Tue/Thurs.


There is a one time
​registration fee of $75.00

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