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Montessori in the City is open year round serving families with children 6 weeks through 5 years old. We are located in Downtown Sacramento in the Cal Pers building.

Each of our classrooms has a Montessori trained teacher for the specific age group in that classroom. We follow the Montessori philosophy for infant, toddler and preschool age children. Following that Montessori philosophy, our teachers prepare the classroom environment according to the children’s developmental level and their ability to work in the classroom. The children are taught independence to work in their classroom and grow at their own pace. The base of the Montessori philosophy is respect which includes respect for the child, parents, classroom, pets and all living things in our environment.


Each of our classrooms are supplied with Montessori materials that grow with the children as their needs change and grow. Our teachers also plan their own curriculum and thematic units.


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Monthly Tuition Rates

Monthly Tuition Rates

CalPers Employees
(5% Discount)

Programs            Tuition Rates


Infant 5 Day:        $ 1484.00
Infant 3 Day:        $ 1108.00
Infant 2 Day:        $ 815.00

Toddler 5 Day:      $ 1156.00

Toddler 3 Day:      $ 880.00

Toddler 2 Day:      $ 648.00

Preschool 5 Day:   $ 1076.00
Preschool 3 Day:   $ 720.00
Preschool 2 Day:   $ 625.00

General Public Rates

Programs       Tuition Rates


Infant 5 Day:          $ 1556.00
Infant 3 Day:          $ 1162.00
Infant 2 Day:          $ 858.00

Toddler 5 Day:        $ 1212.00
Toddler 3 Day:        $ 922.00
Toddler 2 Day:        $ 680.00
Preschool 5 Day:     $ 1130.00
Preschool 3 Day:     $ 755.00
Preschool 2 Day:     $ 656.00


Our school has two sets of rates. CalPers employees receive priority enrollment and a 5% tuition discount. All other families are the General Public Employees. To learn more about our Programs click-on one of the following:


Infant    Toddler    Preschool

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