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Preschool Program
Preschool Classrooms


Preschool 1: 2½- 5 years old

Preschool 2: 2½-5 years old

We have two Preschool classrooms. Our Preschool 1 classroom has 18 children and our Preschool 2 classroom has 24 children, ages 2 ½ to 5 years old. Each preschool classroom has a minimum of 2 teachers including one that is Montessori trained for children 3 to 6 years old. Both of our preschool classrooms build upon the Montessori philosophy that began in our toddler program.

  • Our teachers prepare the classroom for the children to enable them to work independently.

  • Our preschool classrooms contain six defined areas including practical life, sensorial, math, language, cultural and botany.

  • The teachers in these classrooms demonstrate different jobs on the shelves so that the children are able to work independently in the classroom.

  • The preschool teachers change the materials on the shelves and their lessons each month to reflect their thematic unit.

  • Children continue to work on grace and courtesy, along with learning phonics, D’Nealian writing, and mathematical concepts up to 100.

The teachers allow the children to move throughout the classroom at their own pace meeting their own developmental needs. Children will be responsible for cleaning up after themselves after meals and snacks, for classroom animals, plants, and the overall appearance of the classroom. The Montessori philosophy views everything as a learning experience. For example, when something is spilled there are child size brooms, dust pans, vacuums and cleaning cloths for the children so that they are able to clean up messes when necessary. By doing this, these children learn responsibility for their environment and for themselves. Peer interaction and peer teaching is also encouraged in the Montessori environment. When children have mastered a material from the shelf, they are given the opportunity to help teach their peers as to how to do the job properly. This allows for growth in leadership and appropriate role modeling.

Preschool Registration

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Preschool Tuition Rates

Monthly Tuition Rates

CalPers Employees
(5% Discount)

Programs            Tuition Rates


Preschool 5 Day:   $ 1365.00
Preschool 3 Day:   $ 990.00
Preschool 2 Day:   $ 892.00

General Public Rates

Programs       Tuition Rates


Preschool 5 Day:     $ 1437.00
Preschool 3 Day:     $ 1043.00
Preschool 2 Day:     $ 939.00



3 day program is a set schedule of Mon/Wed/Fri.
2 day day program is a set schedule of Tue/Thurs.


There is a one time
​registration fee of $75.00

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